Purpose shmurpose…

Purpose isn't important.
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Full disclosure. I have restarted this blog many times. At different points, its given purpose has changed. I have used it to reflect on the games industry, market a startup app and showcase what I know. In its least attractive form it spilled with attempts at prosaic industry comment.

Between each new guise it was prey to the bot wolves. Its comment sections becoming a neural network portrait of my browsing and buying habits. I’d log in every six months to cleanse it of spam. I’d waste an afternoon deciding its new form. Dicking around with pretty templates and clever plug-ins. I would also re-read my old words and cringe.

Polished chrome reflections on game design now feel conceited and self indulgent. How to articles cynical and ill informed. Industry comment pieces embarrassed by history.

A slave to my own patterns, I am resetting the content of my long suffering domain again. This time, there will be no stated purpose, only a goal. I want to come back here 6 months from now and not feel the need to purge its contents.

I’m not building an audience, a brand or a portfolio. I’m not fashioning myself a neat little editorialised online persona either. If anyone should happen by here, I hope they enjoy what I’ve written, including myself.

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Games industry product guy. Trades in decisions, whiteboard scribbles and facepalms.