The morning routine

4 min read06:40 in the morning. Theatrical coughs toll from the children’s room. They betray my 4 year old daughter’s veiled attempts to wake her 2 year old brother. My 8 months pregnant wife, long since wide awake and reading, trains a dirty look on our bedroom door. A pause. Another operatic cough. We hiss our daughter’s name in chorus. Our son responds with a groggy whine. Our daughter giggles. My wife and I huff and mutter. An animal with at least twelve thousand feet pounds through the hallway. The children splash onto our bed all gleeful elbows and knees. It’s 06:42 am. The MacInnes household is awake.

Purpose shmurpose…

1 min readFull disclosure. I have restarted this blog many times. At different points, its given purpose has changed. I have used it to reflect on the games industry, market a startup app and showcase what I know. In its least attractive form it spilled with attempts at prosaic industry comment.