Game graphics: The case for quality over fidelity…

4 min readVisual fidelity is everything in game graphics. To the modern gamer, rocks should convey credible heft. Facial expressions should convince. Lighting effects should sparkle. Volumetric smoke should billow. Explosions should make us gasp. Gaming is a medium eaten with the eyes.

As a child of the 80s and 90s, the fruits of Xmas morning 1992 sorted my peers and I into one of two devotee camps. Once codified as either Sega or Nintendo fans, Primary 5 of Kings Park Primary School began a war of words.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

2 min readI once destroyed a PS2 controller. I’m not violent by nature but after several impotent hours of boss fights, I crossed a threshold. I raised the controller above my head in fury and within a breath had enough time to consider my next move.

Playfulness in games

3 min readCast your mind back to the toys of your youth. The Jack-in-the-box, the Slinky, the pull-back-let-go racing car, the action figures. All of them had an inherent playfulness at their core. Things to touch, feel, bend, and stretch.