A new career in a new town – Danke Games

I may not have David Bowie’s cheekbones (or musical talent, vast wealth and secret heroin habit) but I do share something with the man who fell to earth – I have a New Career in a New Town (hence the embedded video below – any excuse).

I have decided to do the thing that a lot of 30 year olds in this industry do – I have decided to join a startup. The company in question is called Danke Games and was been founded by my buddy and former colleague, Dan Kelly.

For the time being, it’s best to just say the company is a publisher of fun and distinctive games and that I am going to be helping to build the business into something fun and worth being proud of.

This means moving with my wife and 4 month old daughter to beautiful Heidelberg in the heart of the Black Forrest, where we will no doubt sow a few of our own fairytales, just like the Brother’s Grimm did before us – only with much, much more profane language.

It’s a big move and a risky one. Risky because every startup is risky and the vast majority of them fail – the math doesn’t lie. It’s big because the potential, based on the people involved and what we aim to do, is huge. I’m frothing at the mouth to get into the office (the 16th of January will be my first on-site day) and make my own play at changing the world in some small, but hopefully entertaining (and let’s be honest, profitable), way.

On with the conquering – drop that needle Bowie!