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My name is Fraser MacInnes. I am a Scotsman but have lived all over Europe since 2006. I currently live in the South of Germany. I am a husband and a dad.

You can contact me if you want:

Email: frazmacaz@googlemail.com

Twitter: @FraserMacInnes

Facebook: frazmacaz

LinkedIn: in/frasermacinnes

Everything: About.me/FraserMacInnes

I am a ‘product guy’, whatever that means. Over the last decade, it has meant one of an assortment of jobs in the games industry. I have worked or consulted in various roles over the last 12 years or so, including Product Manager, Product Lead, Strategist and Portfolio Manager. I’ve been fortunate enough to work and consult for some well known games companies, including EA and Chillingo, as well as many smaller outfits.

Right now, I’m the Head of Portfolio Management for flaregames, a free to play mobile games publisher. The tools of my trade are decisions, whiteboard scribbles and facepalms.


I started out in the games industry as a freelance writer and editor in 2005. I spent the majority of my first couple of years with the fine people of Steel Media, who run Pocket Gamer and Pocket Gamer.biz. On those sites I posted hundreds of articles, podcasts and videos as I gradually transitioned into the business of making and publishing games. I have also spent time in the start-up world, creating social media and messaging apps, raising money from professional investors and building teams from scratch.

About this site

I’m interested in how we think about game experiences, trends in the games market and culture in general. I also just enjoy the mental exercise of writing and so pen the occasional allegorythought piece or personal story. All of the content on this site is made available at no charge, for the enjoyment of visitors. Please don’t reproduce the content of any article without asking first. If you enjoy anything I have written, perhaps you’ll consider sharing one of my posts or Follow @FraserMacInnes on twitter.