Happy Happy Joy Joy

I once destroyed a PS2 controller. I’m not violent by nature but after several impotent hours of boss fights, I crossed a threshold. I raised the controller above my head in fury and within a breath had enough time to consider my next move. Put the controller down, walk into another room and count to 10 or, smash the controller on the floor. A choice between many happy hours […]

Fight the wolf

You are alone in the wilderness, remote from civilisation. You mark a presence. A rustle. Panting. The patter of paws. A wolf is hunting you. A question is born. The stakes are higher for you than for the wolf. The wolf’s being dances on the tension of a line pulled taught between the odds. This is its life. It doesn’t need to escape. The cost of […]

No, I don’t watch Game of Thrones

I am a fan of medieval fantasy, but I don’t watch, or read, Game of Thrones. I love the works of Tolkien. I’m an Elder Scrolls obsessive. I thought the Warcraft movie was a thumping good time. I enjoy Narnia, Willow, The Princess Bride, even my secret shame, the Harry Potter films. I like swords, bows, elves, wizards, dragons, […]

Purpose shmurpose…

Full disclosure. I have restarted this blog many times. At different points, its given purpose has changed. I have used it to reflect on the games industry, market a startup app and showcase what I know. In its least attractive form it spilled with attempts at prosaic industry comment. Between each new guise it was prey to the bot wolves. Its comment sections becoming a neural network portrait of […]

The Productivity Burden

The internet spends a lot of time implying that you are not productive enough. It guilts us with lists of things we’re not doing, but should. It parades famous examples of super productive people in-front of us telling us we should be more like them and offering little recipe’s to become them. The over-riding message […]